Patty Huber

G-Team Director, Groupon

Patty Huber, Director of G-Team, leads the philanthropic arm at Groupon. Harnessing the collective action platform, Patty developed the G-Team initiative to turn deal seekers into do-gooders by tapping into the collective power of the group to respond to local community need. Passionate about volunteer involvement and crafty with online engagement, she has led the G-Team in raising funds and awareness for local charities across the nation.

Patty discovered her passion for community development and civic engagement through her experience developing service-learning and experiential education programs for high school and college students. She went on to produce corporate volunteer programs while pursing work in mental health and social service agencies. Patty approaches corporate citizenship and civic engagement from a social work perspective and seeks to create innovative ways to solve social problems through sustainable for-profit models.

Patty has a Bachelor’s degree on Psychology from James Madison University, as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.