The Solution to Measurement

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Speaker: Jason Saul | CEO and Founder – Mission Measurement LLC

Host: William Wrigley Jr. Company
410 North Michigan Avenue / 410 Club Conference Rooms
Chicago, IL 60611

Most citizenship strategies were originally designed to satisfy the company’s social contract with the community. Yet with the recent economic challenges, almost all community/citizenship activities are being evaluated as to their value to the community and to the business. Is it possible to meet both successfully, and how can this be evaluated and communicated to the various stakeholders? Jason Saul, who, in addition to heading up Mission Measurement, teaches corporate social responsibility and nonprofit management at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, serves on the faculty of Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship, and in 2010, was named one of the Nation’s 25 Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs Businessweek Magazine, will discuss how these possibilities can be realized. Based on five years of research measuring the impact of corporate social strategies, Jason will present five strategies from his upcoming book Social Innovation, Inc.  that leverage social change to drive business value.  Additionally, Jason will reveal best practices in outcomes measurement that are relevant to both social change and business value.