Google is so much more than a verb

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Speakers: Kevin Willer | Head of Industry, Technology & Telecom
Jake Parillo |Public Affairs
Google Inc.

Host: Google
20 West Kinzie Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Without a doubt, Google is a dominant force in the rapidly changing environments we discussed at our March meeting, but in many more ways than we might know. Google offers tools and strategies to aid corporations in advancing socially responsible agendas, including getting their CSR message out, motivating and organizing corporate-supported volunteer programs and transforming those volunteers into fund raisers, annual donors, board members, etc. At the same time, Google offers a variety of marketing and productivity tools for little or no cost to non-profits that can help them raise money online, recruit volunteers, get their messages out, and run their organizations. Kevin Willer and Jake Parillo will also discuss their work and focus. They invite you to bring your questions.