Green Chemistry

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Speaker: Lin Kaatz Chary, PhD, MPH
Ad Hoc Coordinator – Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network Working Group

Host: ArcelorMittal
One South Dearborn Street -19th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603

Did you know that the chemists who produce the bulk of toxic substances on the market today have never had a course in toxicology?  We’ve been hearing more and more about lead in toys, toxins in baby bottles and all kinds of man-made chemicals we can’t even pronounce being found in our water and our bodies — What are the financial risks and opportunities from the thousands of toxic chemicals now in the marketplace?

Lin Kaatz Chary, environmental health policy specialist and coordinator of the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network, will address that question and introduce us to the principles of a new approach to chemistry which has the potential to dramatically change the way we see science.  Join us to learn what green chemistry is, how corporations can get informed and engaged on the matter as it relates to their roles in corporate responsibility and what roles NPOs can play. We’ll learn about the companies leading the way in making their products safer, and how the decisions you make every day in your investments, in purchasing and procurement, and even in your choice of personal products have a big impact on the future of toxics policy and use in the U.S.