Homelessness to Housing

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nancy Radner, CEO, The Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness
Kevin Jackson, Executive Director, Chicago Rehab Network

Kathleen Molnar , Program Director, The Emergency Fund
David Davis, Program Manager and Licensed Housing Specialist, Elam Davies Social Service Center, Chicago Lights
Bruce Martin, Regional Director, Community Development Real Estate, JPMorgan Chase

Host: Chase Bank
21 South Clark Street, 57th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601

In 2001, an alliance of Chicago area NPO/NGOs, government agencies and foundations developed a plan to end homelessness and shifted the focus of Chicago’s homeless system from managing homelessness by providing shelter to ending homelessness by providing permanent housing.  In 2003, Mayor Daley signed onto the Plan and made it a high priority of his administration.  The Plan changed the configuration of Chicago’s homeless system from 62% shelter and 38% permanent housing in 2003 to 48% shelter and

  • 52% permanent housing at the end of 2007.
  • What have nonprofits and others seen with the shift to the “Housing First” paradigm?  
  • What changes are they seeing in today’s environment as gentrification and the growing influx of former homeowners put additional strains on the problem of homelessness? 
  • What’s working, what isn’t, and what is the role of funders as needs shift in the market?  

Participate with experts across the field in a discussion of these and other issues that impact the Chicago area, from homelessness prevention to affordable housing and hear an example of a current mixed use project.