Women Employed

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Anne Ladky, Executive Director, Women Employed

HOST: Bear Stearns
70 W. Madison, Suite 2400
Chicago, IL  60602

On November 13th, please join the CR Group for a presentation that impacts almost all of today’s hot topics. Anne Ladky, a nationally recognized expert on women’s employment issues, equal opportunity, workforce development and career advancement, will speak about Women Employed (WE), a 34 year old, dynamic organization of which she is a founding member. She has been on staff with WE for 30 years and currently serves as its Executive Director.
Women Employed is a leading national advocate for women’s economic advancement. The organization analyzes workplace issues, educates policy makers, and builds support to improve opportunities and incomes. Since 1973, WE has fought to outlaw pay discrimination, pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment and to strengthen federal equal opportunity policies and work/family benefits. It has also connected thousands of women to education and training that lead to better jobs.
The mission of Women Employed is to improve the economic status of women and remove barriers to economic equity. WE has one passion: to make life better for working women. WE believes that all women deserve full and fair economic opportunities. That means better career options and higher pay, more opportunities for training and education and strict enforcement of fair employment laws.
The changes Women Employed won in government and business policies have improved the working lives of millions of women, yet millions more are struggling economically. Today it views its biggest challenge to be to enable more women to earn family-supporting wages. Women Employed envisions a world in which all women can advance and achieve their aspirations.