How to interest kids in science

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Speaker: Gabrielle Lyon | Executive Director – Project Exploration

Host: Harris Bank
111 West Monroe
Chicago, IL

If you want to learn how to interest kids in science, you will not want to miss the March meeting of CRG.

Since founding Project Exploration in 1998 with noted paleontologist Paul Sereno, Gabrielle Lyon has created a vibrant organization that excites K-12 students about the joys of discovery and the fundamental logic of scientific inquiry.

Through a variety of after school programs, partnerships with local museums and libraries and expeditions to barren stretches of the American West, Project Exploration gives students real, hands-on experience in research. While the primary focus is on girls and minority students in Chicago schools, its mission has touched more than 2 million students worldwide through a website ( that links individuals and classrooms directly to the Project Exploration’s field work underway in some of the most remote locations on the planet.