Alliance of Work/Life Professionals (AWLP)
The Alliance of Work/Life Professionals is a membership organization with the mission of promoting work/family and personal life balance. Through sharing cutting-edge thinking, impactful initiatives, and helpful key resources, AWLP strives both to improve the professionalism of those working in the work/life arena, and to influence better integration of work and family life.

Artemis Management Consultants
Artemis Management Consultants specializes in helping organizations manage change. Artemis helps organizations conduct needs assessments, build teams, train and coach managers, re-design work and plan and implement culture change initiatives.

Boston College Center for Work Family
The Center for Work and Family at Boston College Wallace E. Carroll School of Management is a research organization that promotes employer and community responsiveness to families. The guiding vision of the Center is the strengthening of families, broadly defined to reflect the diversity throughout our communities today. The Center’s activities fall into three broad categories: research, employer partnerships, and policy initiatives.

Center for the Child Care Workforce (CCW)
CCW is a nonprofit, research, education and advocacy organization comitted to improving child care quality by upgrading the compensation, working conditions and training of child care teachers and family child care providers.

Child Elder Care Insights (CECI)
The mission of CECI is to help employees address, identify and resolve their personal problems through a comprehensive and high quality dependent care resource and referral program that is professional, accessible, voluntary and confidential. CECI’s fundamental commitment is to maximize the emotional well-being and related job performance and productivity of employees.

Children, Youth and Family Consortium (CYFC) University of Minnesota
Computer searchable information system available 24 hours-a-day with information on children, youth, family, fatherhood, and work/family issues. Site includes links to other Work and Family or Work-Life information Internet sites.

CYFERNet provides practical, research-based information on children, youth and families. Universities in all fifty states provide the up-to-date resources and information for this Internet-based service. Operated by Cooperative Extension, the National Agricultural Library, and the Children, Youth and Family Consortium at the University of Minnesota. National Internet-based children, youth and family information system. Includes e-mail discussion groups and links to related electronic information sources.

Families and Work Institute (F.W.I.)
The Families and Work Institute is a non-profit organization that addresses the changing nature of work and family life. F.W.I. is committed to finding research-based strategies that foster mutually supportive connections among workplaces, families, and communities.

Family Caregiver Alliance
An information resource on long-term care.

Labor Project for Working Families
The Labor Project for Working Families is a national advocacy and policy center providing technical assistance, resources and education to unions and union members addressing family issues in the workplace including child care, elder care, flexible work schedules, family leave and quality of life issues.

Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education (MITE)
MITE is a consultant group that provides managers with information and strategies for successful implementation of telecommuting work arrangements. MITE specializes in the areas of employment law and liability issues, start-up strategies, technical and remote office setup, supervisory issues, evaluation and productivity metrics, and development of internal policies crucial to the success of telecommuting.

National Partnership for Women and Families
The National Partnership for Women and Families is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that uses public education and advocacy to promote fairness in the workplace, quality health care, and policies that help women and men meet the dual demands of work and family.

National Retiree Volunteer Coalition (NRVC)
NRVC serves as the catalyst in forming innovative partnerships among retirees, their former employers, and communities.  NRVC’s Corporate Retiree Volunteer Program provides employers with an effective system for encouraging and supporting the community leadership and service of their retirees.

New Ways to Work
New Ways to Work’s primary focus has been to encourage experimentation with work time options – job sharing, work sharing, time-income tradeoffs, flextime, flexplace and various types of leaves — as a means of addressing employment related social and economic issues.

One Small Step
One Small Step is a non-profit San Francisco Bay Area association for employers that encourages the development of employee and family supportive initiatives. Through conferences, publications and other services, One Small Step provides employers with information and strategies for taking “one small step” to respond to business and family needs.

Pioneer Press
Archive of articles focused on balancing work and life written by Amy Gage, Staff Columnist for the Pioneer Press.

Society for Human Resource Management / SHRM
National professional association focused on professional development in human resources field and including areas of interest related to work and family. SHRM publishes a monthly titled HRMagazine which can be accessed via SHRM’s Internet site.

Texas Work Family Clearinghouse
The Clearinghouse provides public and private employers, state agencies, policy makers and individuals with technical assistance and information about dependent care and other employment-related family issues.

The Work Life Network Resource Directory
Directory listing of resources published by the Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility (MCCR) related to Work/Life issues and services.

Transitions, Inc.
Educates and supports those touched by the aging process including older adults, family members, professional caregivers, employee assistance professionals, employees, businesses, and the community.

U.S. Department of Education
Information of the Employers, Families and Education Initiative which promotes family involvement in learning and schools.

United Way of Minneapolis Area DISCOVERY Program
The United Way DISCOVERY program is a unique community education program that can help you educate employees, students and others about a variety of work and family life issues.  DISCOVERY offers free monthly mailings as well as online tip sheets focused on personal, family and work-related issues.  Each sheet focuses on a topic that conveys helpful information you can use.

WFD (Formerly Work/Family Directions)
WFD offers innovative solutions, thought-leadership, and research that keep companies on the cutting edge of the key issues that affect business results namely, what employers can do to facilitate maximum commitment of their people to business success.

Work Family Connection, Inc.
Consulting firm and publisher. Extensive on-line information, news summaries, trend reports, model companies, and searchable database (search function only available to subscribers).

Work Options Inc.
The goal of Work Options Inc is to help working parents get more time for their children while still managing their job/career. Those who want to restructure their job to get more time for other reasons, such as to care for an elderly relative, shorten a weary commute, build a home business, attend school, or for leisure activities, will also find this site useful.